Legals Ltd is a private limited company registered in England

Company Number:  06727216
VAT registration number: 116 6336 25

Terms of use and supply


Privacy Policy


Key points in relation to terms of use and supply, privacy policy & security

At we take your security very seriously, this is how:

  • Registered women will be validated before they are free to network
  • We may telephone you to ensure that you are female
  • All contact will be done via the web site, your personal contact details will not be visible to other visitors to the site
  • We will never give your contact details to any third-party
  • Information that you provide about yourself and is shown on the site is entirely at your discretion
  • We will not send you unsolicited emails, newsletters will only be sent to those who have 'opted in'
  • We advise you to use an alias rather than your real name when networking on-line
  • Please ensure your profile data is kept up to date. We advise using a personal email address should you move companies.
  • Should you wish to cancel your membership account, please email or call +44 113 314 9000
  • See our full terms and conditions above

Safety when networking

  • Remember to exchange contact details with those you agree to meet
  • Choose well-lit, busy locations such as a hotel lobby or restaurant
  • If you are using public transport double-check what time your last bus/train/tram/tube leaves
  • If you are in a group, look after each other, make sure those on their own get safely back to their hotel.