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What is Inclusive Guest Excellence?  We believe it’s the commitment and ability of a hotel to provide exceptional service and experiences to all guests, regardless of their background, preferences, abilities, or identities by creating an environment where every guest feels welcome, respected, and valued.

That’s why we’re committed to working with hotels that are  equally committed to inclusivity and guest safety. Whether you’re a lone  traveller, a woman, a member of the LGBTQ+ or disabled traveller we want to know that you can sleep in welcoming and safe environment.

Hotels featured on this site have all undergone our Inclusive Guest Excellence Training programme with the last 13-months. The course involves from across the hotel including front desk, security, housekeeping, maintenance and concierge to ensure that the guest experience is inclusive, safe and welcoming.

In order to be further accredited, hotels need to provide us with additional evidence of specific security measures such as two independent locks on hotel doors, 24×7 manned reception, discretion when announcing room numbers and appropriate room allocation.

If you are looking for a property that is committed to providing an exceptional guest experience this is the place to start.

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In addition, Maiden Voyage can assesses your hotel for consideration for accreditation based on a number of safety inspection criteria. To be eligible for accreditation hotels must have two independent (separate) locks on each hotel door such as one of the following:

Home Hotel Anti-Theft Swing Bar Door Guard Security Bolt Latch 110mm Length 604267731174 | eBay86mm Polished Chrome Door Chain

If you’d like to have us assess your property, please send us a photograph of your hotels bedroom door locks in the first instance to 

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