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Travel Management companies making inclusivity a priority

Not all travel management companies are created equal when it comes supporting a fully inclusive travel programme.

Maiden Voyage supports a number of TMCs worldwide through employee training sessions, client briefings and masterclasses, thought-leadership, consultancy and research.

For those TMCs looking to take their inclusive traveller safety and wellbeing programmes to a deeper level, we provide a TMC accreditation programme.

Our accredited TMCs go through a comprehensive audit, vetting and education process, with ongoing back-up support so that they are always fully up to speed in order to cater to the specific needs of diverse traveller groups.

If diversity, equity and inclusion is important to your organisation, you will want to make sure that your travel programme and suppliers reflect these values.

If you’re on your ISO31030 Travel Risk Management Journey, look to see what tools and resources your TMC has at hand to support you.

If you’re about to enter a re-tendering process, remember to ask potential suppliers about:

  • What they do to ensure the safety of lone travellers.
  • Female & LGBTQ+ traveller safety.
  • Regions that are legally or culturally hostile to the LGBTQ+ communities and how they support travellers heading there.
  • How they ensure a seamless journey for disabled travellers and those with special requirements.
  • How they address risks and concerns for business travellers travelling to regions that are ethnically diverse.
  • How they keep their front-line staff up to date with the latest advice and research for diverse groups of business travellers.
  • Their commitment to the ‘S’ in ESG.
  • Their own internal diversity and inclusivity commitments.
  • Whether they are a trusted Maiden Voyage partner.
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