Our Mission

Making Business Travel Safe in a Diverse World

We’re passionate about making the world a smaller and safer place and our mission is to help you to safeguard your business travellers. What makes us different is our expertise in inclusive traveller safety.

We strive for

Diversity – Ensuring that all communities and intersectionalities can enjoy the benefits that business travel affords them, their careers and their employers.

Equity – Recognising that not everybody starts from the same place and that certain minorities can be marginalised and not afforded the same opportunities for business travel that their colleagues have access to.

Inclusion – Ensuring that all business travellers can thrive as their true authentic selves when they undertake a trip.

Through our consultancy services, travel safety eLearning and bespoke courses, we’ve got you, your travellers and your duty of care covered.

Our Why

Because we believe that business travel should be safe, liberating and empowering for all, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, physical ability or ethnicity.

Experts in Diverse Traveller Safety

Our team of travel safety experts have worked in some of the harshest and most challenging environments, between us, we’ve encountered all manner of travel risk so that you and your employees don’t have to.

Unique travel safety expertise

We look at travel safety through a gender lens. Expertly navigating the conversation on how to empower your female and LGBTQ+ travellers to travel safely and productively.

Making the world a safer and smaller place

Through the latest in travel safety education our courses help you to navigate the world safe and securely whilst our community keeps you connected.

Bringing Inclusivity to Traveller Safety

Helping you to attract and retain diverse talent into those roles that require mobility, making business travel an enabler instead of a barrier.

The statistics speak for themselves.

83% of women have encountered a safety related concern or incident when travelling on business.

*Source: GBTA 2018
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