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At Maiden Voyage, we live and breathe the journeys encountered by a rich and diverse community of business travellers.

World events have turned the spotlight upon diversity, equity and inclusion and we’re thrilled to see this become an integral part of corporate traveller safety programmes.

Our range of courses fully respond to the need to support our employees whilst focusing on their individual characteristics and needs. Our courses and workshops are developed in collaboration with leading travel safety experts using real-life examples to bring the material to life

Choose from:

Inclusive Traveller Safety

  • A comprehensive course looking at the challenges faced by female and LGBTQ+ and across a variety of ethnicities.

Female Traveller Safety Awareness

  • This course addresses the specific risks facing female business travellers, with a special focus on sexual harassment, sexual, assault, self-defence and female wellness & pregnancy.

LGBTQ+ Traveller Safety

  • With homosexuality illegal in over 70+ countries, some of which carry the death penalty, it’s important that your LGBTQ+ community is fully supported to travel safely. This course addresses the challenges, risks and practical mitigations to support your business travellers and incudes a comprehensive section for the Trans community.

Covid19 Traveller Safety

  • We know at this time, your business travellers primary concern will be how to stay safe and well during the COVID-19 pandemic.  That’s why we’ve introduced short workshops for both employers and employees to ensure that you are fully prepared before, during and after a business trip.  These courses focus heavily on employee mental and physical wellbeing.

Personal Safety and Active Bystander

  • As the world opens up again many of us are nervous about venturing out again.  Employers are sensitive to these concerns with many providing personal safety training.  This course provides your employees with practical tips and strategies to keep themselves safe as well as lots of techniques they can put in place to become an active (and safe) bystander to aid other people.
  • This course can be deployed to target specific demographics and crimes such as anti-Asian hate crime and violence against women and girls and incudes some basic self-defence techniques.

All of our trainers have their own specialisms so whether you are looking for support with specific regions, risk ratings, fragile environments or kidnap avoidance, we will ensure that your organisation is matched with the right trainer. Our trainers are available globally and can deliver our travel safety courses in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Our travel safety training courses can be delivered in partnership with your travel and safety teams to reinforce specific company messages and processes, ensuring employee safety and compliance to your travel programme.


Learning for all travellers
Our travel safety courses provide an interactive learning experience, with real-life case studies and include, how to:
  • Thoroughly research and understand your destination
  • Prepare and pack for a safe trip
  • Reduce your risk of abduction, kidnap and sexual assault
  • Reduce the risk of homophobic attention
  • Keep safe when traveling on the ground or in the air
  • Identify a safe hotel and remain safe during your stay
  • Reduce the risk of medical or pregnancy related problems
  • Stay safe during business and leisure activities
  • Identify potential predators and how to avoid a situation escalation
  • Apply some simple verbal and physical self-defence techniques
  • Reduce the risk of online threats
  • Keep your valuables and company information safe
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Making your travel safety course or workshop a success
We’ve trained thousands of travelling employees across a range of sectors and locations. The biggest impact is made when you:
  • Work with internal communications and diversity groups to promote your workshop
  • Incorporate company specific advice about travel policies and the travel safety tools your company uses
  • Work closely with us to tailor the material to your traveller’s destinations, level of experience and risk appetites
  • Create a safe space and appropriate after care in case of personal disclosures

“We have received positive feedback from all employees who have taken the eLearning and will continue to offer it to our female employees who travel on business.”

Jill Boone

Enterprise Holdings

“The Web-based training provides the flexibility to work through course material at a time and pace to suit the individual.”

Julie Black

Oxford University

“We have really seen an increased level of safety awareness among our staff and will continue to ensure that all women who travel with us are able to take Maiden Voyage’s On-line Travel Safety Course.”

Lotte Westerburg

Kvinna till Kvinna

“Maiden Voyage understand and have lead on the personal security, social needs and wellbeing of a diverse range of people travelling worldwide for business and leisure.”

Martin Watson

Leeds Beckett University

“It is essential for the LSE travel risk programme to have female focused training that is easily accessible to staff and students. I chose Maiden Voyage as they are the leaders in this field.”

Mel Boucher

London School of Economics

Travel Safety eLearning at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you to safeguard your business travellers, what makes us different is our expertise in diverse traveller safety.

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