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Travel Safety Tips

Here are some of our top business travel safety tips to help you safely on your way. Remember, taking the time to prepare with travel safety advice before you travel will significantly reduce the risk of anything happening to you.

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Do not disturb

Leave the “Do Not Disturb" sign on your hotel door. If you require your room to be serviced call house-keeping rather than hanging the ‘please clean my room’ card on the door.


A DoorJammer is a highly-effective, portable device that you can take with you to secure an inward-opening door. Click here to purchase your own DoorJammer with an automatic Maiden Voyage discount of 10%

Double-booked rooms

The most common cause for alarm in hotel rooms is if two people are accidentally allocated the same room. Ensure your door is locked at all times.  If you don’t have a second lock we recommend you use an additional locking device such as a DoorJammer or place a solid item in front of the door so that you will be alerted if anybody attempts to enter the room.

Double-locking doors

As numerous hotel staff members are likely to have access to your hotel room and the risk of double-booked rooms, we highly recommend that you book a hotel with rooms that have two independent door locks or a lock and separate chain. Remember to check that all locks work before unpacking as you are less likely to want to move once you are settled.

Female-Friendly hotels

Maiden Voyage has a set of criteria which is used to define our certification standards for female-friendly hotels. These include double-locking doors, 24x7 manned reception, a well-lit entrance and a range of other health and wellbeing related features. You can find a list of certified hotels.

Fire exit

Take a moment to view the fire exit information which should be on the back of your hotel door and then physically check your route and plan how you would get there in the event of a power failure. Count the number of doors to the fire exit in both directions so that you can find them in the event of a power failure.  It’s also good practice to walk the fire exit route and ensure that there are no obstructions.


Where possible, identify a hotel in a location that is well-lit and accessible by your chosen mode of transport.  Try to arrive at your destination before dark and pre-check you can get into any buildings beforehand.

Room number announcement

Some hotel staff are unaware of the fact that the verbal announcement of room numbers is a potential security risk. If this happens to you at reception ask for a new room and for the number to be shown to you discreetly. If you are asked for this information at the restaurant or bar, discretely show your key card envelope where your room number should be written down. Again, challenge any staff who announce your room number out loud.

Venturing out

Before venturing out of your hotel, take a business card or something with the hotel address on it, it may come in handy if you get lost or have trouble communicating with a taxi driver.

Your personal space

Do not hold business meetings in your hotel room. Think twice before allowing other people to store their belongings in your room as it is an open invitation for them to come and retrieve them. Use the concierge storing service instead.

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