Our top 5 travel beauty tips for the busy businesswoman

We ran a competition in partnership with Myroo Skincare to find the best beauty travel advice from our fabulous members around the world, and WOW did we get some amazing tips and tricks! Thank you to everyone who entered.

Rachael Dunseath, Founder of Myroo, had the tough job of choosing the top five: “Thanks to everyone who took part. It wasn’t easy choosing the winners, there were some genuinely great ideas. I’ll be using a few of them myself!

“Thanks also to the Maiden Voyage team for running the competition, it’s wonderful to collaborate with other female led businesses.”


Rachael’s winning pieces of beauty wisdom are below. We hope you find them useful the next time you are travelling on business!


Do not wear makeup on a plane; and make sure to bring along a good moisturiser and balm to keep skin hydrated, as your skin gets really dehydrated whilst travelling by aircraft! – Sacha Lys

Always have a toiletry bag ready to go for those last minute 1-2 day trips. That way you’re not scrambling around at the last minute, and forgetting something. – Maria Ingold

A headstand or any other kind of inversion where your head is below your heart (standing forward fold etc) totally gets rid of the bags under your eyes and gives you a boost of the body’s natural happy drugs – it’s like a natural antidepressant (but without the side effects of Prozac!). Best things are that it’s free, can be done on planes and trains (trickier in buses and cars….) and requires no equipment other than your lovely self. – Donna Williams

Take a flannel and soak it in water with a couple of drops of lavender, wring out, and chill overnight in the fridge. Wrap it in foil, then a plastic bag and put in in your travel bag. On a long haul flight it can be a wonderfully refreshing face and neck wash. – Xenia Horne

Sleep is important part of beauty to look rested, especially when traveling and sleeping in hotels, so the best beauty related advice I received was to carry ear plugs. This has been wonderful and I always have a pair of ear plugs in my travel bag, as sometimes hotel rooms can be noisy. – Lynda Rosas


Congratulations to our five fabulous winners, who each received a set of Myroo Minis!

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